The need to configure products to meet special requirements is becoming important in businesses. Product Configurator plays a major role when your customers need a customized product, various alternatives and that too, with a faster delivery.

jigsawWhen you support configure-to-order scenarios, you have a plethora of opportunities to meet your customers’ needs. Such a setup reduces the cost of unused stock. When you move from manufacture-to-stock to a configure-to-order setup, you need to analyze in depth many things like Product structures, Product families, Componentization and Product interfaces.

Analyzing these will reduce the number of parts required and minimize the number of goods in progress. The use of product configurators has resulted in many positive effects such as reduced lead times, fewer errors, shorter learning periods for new employees, etc. in engineering-oriented companies.

Why Product Configurator?

Customers today demand many variants of the same product. With CTO model, you have an opportunity to meet customer demands for unique products while reducing or eliminating obsolete inventory items.

Our Product Configurator helps you analyze the patterns of product portfolio and identify generic components that can be manufactured by the same equipment and used in all variants. It is flexible, cost effective and developed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Product Configurator is designed to accommodate the needs of assemble‐to‐order, make‐to‐order, repetitive and even some engineer‐to‐order manufacturers.

Product Configurator uses the live data from your Microsoft Dynamics NAV which enables you to ensure that there are no manual errors. Provide your sales staff with an elegant and easy‐to‐use product configurator and your product engineer a wealth of powerful and sophisticated tools to define the configuration process.