Retail Industry

Retail industry has seen tremendous growth and new foreign entrants. In this increasingly competitive market; innovation in designs and specifications, digitization and ever changing customer wants has brought many storms in retail industry.

The fact that customers have become tech-savvy and brand-savvy necessitates the urge to offer convincing customer loyalty programs and ensure high level of customer satisfaction. It is inevitable to oversee each stage of value chain and maintain optimum level of inventory in order to reduce costs and maximize the bottom-line.

Our solutions integrate the functions right from Point of Sale to the back-end activities by keeping track of orders, offering greater transparency and accuracy in the business. It aids in efficient data synchronization, reduced stock administration, merchandizing, multi-channel management, POS terminal extension and Omni-channel retailing along with other features. Whether a customer shops online or offline and through any device, they receive the same quality of products and services and various modes of payment.

AX Retail is developed by Microsoft specifically for retailers. AX Retail is a modern, integrated solution which lessens the complexities faced by retailers and allows them to focus on strengthening relationships with their customers as well as allowing their employees to be more productive.

AX Retail helps retailers gain knowledge about customer behaviour, thus improving the whole channel of distribution. It empowers retailers to deliver a peculiar and unravelled shopping experience to their clients by helping them with a single view of the business. AX Retail is also capable of carrying out store operations, order management, marketing and care, business intelligence and a complete end-to-end solution, delivering full visibility across the entire business operation while empowering users.


  • Omni-channel
  • Centralized store management
  • Flexible POS
  • Retail store operations
  • Procurement and financials
  • Business intelligence
  • Multichannel enablement
  • Hardware and payment compliance
  • Investment protection

LS NAV, developed by LS Retail on Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform, is a complete solution for retail management. LS NAV is an advanced & fully-integrated solution for retail sector and provides full control over the retail business. Specially designed for retailers, it comes with various functions and is highly configurable, which makes retail business less complicated.

LS NAV gives an end-to-end visibility to your business so that no function lags behind and all the processes can be carried out simultaneously and with more ease. In short, LS NAV maintains a single centralized database. Streamlining the inventory, enhancing POS terminals, Omni-channel shopping experience, maintaining your staff, etc. become easy with LS NAV.

From simple accounting to handling huge database to making repots of merchandise, everything is made easy by LS NAV.


  • Omni-channel shopping experience
  • Staff management
  • Stock and inventory management
  • Enhanced POS terminals
  • Reduce shrinkages
  • Cut staff training times
  • Planning and forecasting
  • Customer account management