Process Manufacturing

Process manufacturing is that class of manufacturing which engages in formulas and recipes instead of assembly line and the final output is measured in terms of volume and not numbers.

In this vertical, we provide business solutions manufacturing of food & beverages, chemical, print & packaging and foundries. For process manufacturing, formulas and recipes are their assets. Some companies patent their formulae or recipes too. Process manufacturing involves non-independent activities and the final output is the result of many continuous processes. The software to be used by process manufacturing industry should be different from those used by discrete manufacturing industry.

Define multiple inventory dimensions, manage multilevel of formulae and recipes, multiple quality specifications per product, and many such functions are possible by Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions provided by us.

Foundry and Casting industry is a complex and rigid industry – complex in the sense that the processes involved are cumbersome and rigid because, in this industry, traditional methods and processes seem too stubbornly established to allow for drastic technological changes. To keep up with other direct and indirect competitors, foundries need to level up in terms of technology and innovation. There are many changes taking place from the supplier-side as well as the customer-side of the foundries which force them to be expeditious in their business processes. Also, foundries must be able trace the know-how of their resource – people, products, place, etc. as here, every paisa counts and loss of production or poor production planning is not endurable.

These tasks are integrated and made easy by Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solution, which is a complete package for foundries and casting companies. Solutions and features specific to foundries and casting companies will help you to be innovative and adaptive.

We also provide DynaCast, a solution developed by us on Microsoft Dynamics platform, especially for foundry and casting industry. DynaCast is an end-to-end robust ERP solution that will change the way you do business. DynaCast will be your tool to be top of your game and not miss out any opportunity that will come your way from now on.


  • Mould management
  • Purchase management
  • Material planning
  • Tracking and formula adjustment
  • Reduced labor and manufacturing costs
  • Detailed production cost analysis

Every industry has its own unique characteristics. Food and Beverages industry is a complex one in the sense that the challenges of this industry such as ever changing consumer demands, lower shelf life of some food products, seasonal demands, less margin for profit, fierce competition, etc. are limited only to this industry. These challenges call for a great deal of efforts from manufacturers’ side, whether local or global. Every manufacturing firm of food or beverage has to keep on changing and innovating its products or processes. It has become essential to develop new products of superior quality which cater to today’s market demands as well as comply with the stringent food safety regulations.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solution can provide food and beverage industries the tools they need to plan for demand, help meet quality and compliance standards, and manage their inventory while maintaining excellent customer service.

Microsoft Dynamics Solution can help you optimize production processes, speed the flow of goods, and meet your delivery commitments. With access to real-time inventory levels, you can adjust your forecasts and inventory to help ensure adequate supply for demand.


  • Shelf Life Management
  • Lot & Batch Traceability
  • Approved Vendor Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Multiple Unit of Measurement
  • Process wise item costing
  • Formula Definition & Management
  • Co product & by-product management
  • Recipe Management
  • Quality Control & Management
  • Compliance Management

Print and packaging industry has specific business needs which are not satisfied by every ERP Solution. Print and Packaging contains specific industrial functionality and features that support the needs of the highly sophisticated and diverse packaging industry. The functionality specific to this industry are offset and flexo printed packaging for paperboard and litho-laminated packaging and displays; extrusion of films and production of bags and thermos-formed packaging; inline production processes for label printing and converting; and production of folding boxes.

Also, this industry requires such functions which succours it in digital as well as traditional printing activities. Leaner production and customer-centric activities are catalysts to greater profit margins here.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solution comes in handy to simplify the processes, increase product quality and profitability, and gain competitive advantage. This package offers assistance at every stage of printing and packaging businesses.


  • Automated ordering and payment
  • Automatic generation of complete production orders
  • Paper and postage cost reductions
  • Operations management
  • Management of stamping dye moulds and printing plates
  • Minimized scrap & rework
  • Quality control management
  • Demand-Supply planning
  • Asset Maintenance & Operations
  • Hygiene System Audit & Compliance Management

Chemical industry faces continuous changes in the management of raw materials, production processes, and regulatory compliance. The local and global regulations for this industry are very strict and to comply with them while managing to make profitable moves is not an easy task. Manufacturers of chemical industry can never compromise with quality, safety and health. This makes their burden heavier. Unfortunately, chemical manufacturers find themselves stuck when they have to adopt business management solutions designed primarily for discrete manufacturing or basic applications which do not incorporate the functions required for chemical manufacturing. Chemical manufacturers need business solutions that adapt efficiently to new products and markets, protect intellectual property, meet increased obligations of environmental protection and continually adjust to new regulatory requirements.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions support in keeping in alignment with the changes of all types – regulatory, technical, functional or people-related. Its flexibility minimizes implementation challenges yet extend your capacities and its comprehensive integration leads to seamless processes and decreased errors. Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions takes care of smooth data flow, excise process and satisfactory customer services too.


  • Flexible, centralized formula management
  • Regulatory and legal compliance
  • Customizable item and inventory characteristics and dimensions
  • Production cost allocation and analysis
  • Business intelligence
  • Co-products and by-products management
  • Support for FEFO (first expired/first out)
  • Batch size management
  • Traceability & Recall Management
  • Make-To-Order and Make-To-Stock Support
  • Available to Promise and Advanced Planning
  • Quality Management