Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing means engaging in the production of distinct and countable products and the final output of which can be quantified in numbers. In discrete manufacturing, the volume of the product depends on the size, demand and the type of production process used. From tiny toys to huge airplanes, every product can be included in this class. This manufacturing includes various independent processes which result into single product in volume. This product can be the result of a single raw material as in a plastic toy or a mix of various raw materials as in a laptop.

Intech provides solutions for Automobiles, Equipment and other General products in this category. Execute multiple production strategies, understand WIP and actual cost, manage routing, schedule/reschedule jobs and do many more functions efficiently with our Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions.

Intech also offer DynaEquip, an add-on to the discrete manufacturing ERP software. It encompasses all types of discrete manufacturing organizations. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 platform, this ERP Solution encompasses all the functions of your business, from CRM to dispatch, commissioning and Service thereafter.

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Competitiveness and efficiency are much important now-a-days, for automotive industry. Automotive manufacturers are pressurized to keep low price while coming out with new innovative models on a regular basis. Upgrading to new technologies is always a good idea. For this industry, adopting ERP for its business processes will prove more reliable, less costly and remain in sync with market trends.

Microsoft Dynamics presents a powerful ERP Solution, which can be personalized according to the needs of the manufacturers of automotive industry. It aids in complying with stringent regulations, fulfilling ever-changing customer demands and keeping up with the industry-specific standards.

To be successful, it is inevitable to adopt such a solution which will boost your current efficiency, without becoming a technical hurdle in your growth. Lean production, JIT, Kanban, etc. have become common among automotive industry but to implement these concepts effectively, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solution is of much use.

Microsoft Dynamics is the trusted name for manufacturers to reduce production costs and increase production quality.


  • Efficient operations management
  • Smooth supply chain management
  • Streamlined engineering
  • Management of data electronically
  • Responsiveness to market demands
  • Inventory management
  • Innovative integration
  • Plan for growth
  • Product Tracking

The exquisite characteristic of manufacturing industry is that it continuously thrives to offer quality products and as far as possible, at the reasonable price. To fulfill these aims, it has to make decisions which require accurate real-time data. Also the production processes has to be such that it lessens the costs and increases the profit margin and quality.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solution is a complete package which aids in meeting the varied customized needs of the customers and facing the business challenges without much ado. For equipment manufacturing companies, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solution is of great help as it comes with those features which are specific to this industry, such as streamlining operations, keeping track of processes, project management, material planning, etc.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solution is easy to adapt and comes with a familiar interface and tools so that you can work in different models of your business as per your needs. With this solution, you can kick start your domestic as well as international competition.


  • Inventory tracking
  • Data and intelligence sharing
  • Warranty tracking
  • Make-to-order and make-to-stock support
  • Compliance management
  • Quality management
  • Business management
  • CRM
  • Data analysis

For every size of manufacturing companies, the requirements of accurately compiled data, automated processes and good customer relationships are must. These needs are too diverse and need different solutions for each of them. These needs have to be integrated and synchronised so that the end result is as per the companies’ needs.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solution comes with many such features which are specially designed for manufacturing companies. With this solution, any size of company can boost its operational as well as financial efficiencies. The specific benefits for general manufacturing companies such as bills of material, supply chain management, etc. are composed and coordinated o form a whole package for the company.

When you get a single solution for all your needs, the goals become easy to achieve and it would be possible to meet customer demands on time, make last minute changes, respond quickly to alterations and always stay ahead.


  • Production management
  • Demand forecasting
  • Warehouse and inventory management
  • Supply chain management
  • Material requirements planning
  • Graphical scheduling
  • Bills of materials
  • Order promising