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People are the most important part of any organization and managing them is a challenging task as it not only requires a huge database but also an accurate processing of that database. Almost every stage of human resource and payroll management involves some statutory compliance – be it recruiting or processing of salaries.

We provide solutions such as Saral PayPack, Adrenalin HCM and Zing HR for solving all your issues of managing your people. Saral PayPack makes it easy for an HR to come out of piles of papers and process the salaries just by few clicks while Adrenalin Human Capital Management (HCM) helps every size and type of business to effectively streamline its HR processes, create a high performance organisation and add value to the stakeholders. On the other hand, Zing HR is a complete end-to-end employee lifecycle HR software solution available on the cloud.

Automate your HR and Payroll processes with a comprehensive set of features designed for your organization and stay connected with your employees to make the synchronization easy to achieve your goals in time, with ease.


  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Available On-cloud or On-premise
  • TDS Integration tagged with e-Return.
  • Standing instructions calculation
  • Effective attendance management
  • Multi-level security
  • Data backup and restore
  • User-friendly

Work smarter

Manage people effectively

Automate payroll process