Microsoft AppSource Business Apps work with the products you already use and make your business solution tailored to your industry. These Apps add new capabilities to your existing business applications – from Dynamics to Power BI. Intech has developed these business apps to help you do more with your existing solution.

Item Code Generator

If you or your system can’t uniquely find an item, you can’t possibly know its activity, whereabouts or status within your inventory. A small business that doesn’t store much inventory is good to go. But large companies or companies handling retail products have varied items. It is a hassle for them to either give long and complex descriptions or numbers to each inventory item. This is where item codes come into picture. Item codes are used to uniquely identify your inventory items. Item codes also serve as a short form of long item descriptions.

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Address Locator

It is important for you to keep a track of what your sales team is up to. Tracking their performance and progress is one of the ways to ensure that they are working on their assigned projects. Sometimes, you might also want to know the exact location of your salesperson. In Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, you won’t have to enter the addresses of the companies you visit. Intech has developed an add-on named ‘Address Locator’. Address locator lets you capture current location of visited company/customer through the mobile app.

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Product Catalogue

In a business system, every item is defined with a unique code so there wouldn’t be any conflict between the items. While creating a Sales Quote or a Sales Order document, you will need to enter the Item Code in Sales Line. If yours is a small business, you might remember every item code in detail but if yours is a big company with many products, it is difficult to remember all the codes. In this situation, you will have to open the item codes’ list and search for the required Item Code. Product Catalogue App helps you solve the above issue.

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Complaint Tracker

Do you find it difficult to keep a track of your customers’ complaints? Do your customers keep asking you about the updates of their complaints? And are you not able to keep a track of your resources used in complaint requests? Complaint Tracker is an App that helps you automate your complaint tracking process completely. It not only keeps a track of all the updates but also integrates with the Service module of Dynamics 365 Business Central to integrate customer complaints with other necessary actions.

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Auto Number Generator

This solution lets you enable auto number for any entity easily with an advanced setup. Auto numbering is a common requirement for most CRM implementations. This App helps you generate a Unique Reference Number for new records, so they can easily be tracked, and is also useful for integrations. Also, it enables the admin to setup no. series financial year wise for any type of record.

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